Who Are We

CygnusLab is a collaborations project of art and design. We CREATE art, stuff, illustrations and graphic design.

We have been working at illustration design since 2002. Drop Outs from so-called newspaper offices, mainstream art & culture magazines, gadget tabloids, brand murals, wall-painting. We realized nine-to-five jobs were making our heads ache, lacked creativity, and took the fun out of making things. More importantly, it made us lose our passion. So, we decided to quit.

Now here we are: CYGNUSLAB. A collaborative project between a drop-out designer and a details obsessed illustrator. Our new studio is based in Kota Batu, Malang, East-Java Indonesia. We work with bands and awesome brands. We design books and magazines. We produce a full range of visual promotional tools – posters, record covers, banners and illustrations.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any inquiries – cygnuslab.arts@gmail.com or WhatsApp: +62 81809725719 Follow instagram: @cygnuslab


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